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100% Commissions, say what?! Yes, we lost our marbles and pay our affiliates 100% FE Commissions.
Which means if you bought the training then you only need 1 sale to break even, how awesome is this, huh?
And imagine getting 10 sales and more, which is Easy since EMQS Converts like hot cakes and 'cause we didn't partner with the "big guys" for this launch, so there's lots left to earn for the little guys as well... $$$
To Secure your 100% Commissions, by showing this to your peers to educate them and Position Yourself as an Authority, grab the Promo Tools below and Discover another Free Golden Nugget as well.

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It's recommended to cloak your links, since most email providers etc. don't really like affiliate links of any kind.
So remember to use Click Magick, or similar to get the most out of your promotions.
If you're using anything other than direct marketing, posting a review etc. then it's highly recommended to create & use a little landing-/splash page and add your affilite link there for best results. And apply the training, set up your lists and squeeze pages and then recommend EMQS to your lists, this way you'll get wwwaaayyy better results $$.
If you're looking for some more traffic sources then you can check the Resources page for some recommendations.

Free Golden Nugget:

This lil trick can turn all your promotions (no matter whether you own the site or not) into a Viral Listbuilding Machine...
Use a Click Magick tracking link to promote Email Marketing Quick Start (or Anything else).
Then add your Easy ListBuild System/List Spark/normal etc. link/form code as exit intent popup to your tracking link
to also Build your List Virally On Autopilot while making Some Nice EMQS Commissions. Win-win :)
You can also add your FB retargeting pixel code to build your FB audience as well and then
Convert this really Cheap Targeted Traffic into even more Leads and Sales.
And/or you can add a Timer to Create Scarcity, or a MagickBar or...

Your Imagination Is The Limit ;) Enjoy the Results!

Note: download the banner by simply clicking over the image with the right button of your mouse and then click "Save Image As..." or use our links from underneath each banner.

HTML Code Example:

In the code above just replace "Insert Your Affiliate Link" with your own affiliate link and "Insert ImageLink" with the banner image link of your choice from below. Only replace the quoted texts, leave the quotes ("").

To your Success,

That's just me, Robby. Remember to always brand yourself.
~ Robby

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